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Our top asked questions

Here are the top questions that are asked about Live At Home Pro. If you have additional questions, please call 877-404-2442 or click here to send an email.

What will this app do for me?

Revolutionize your home assessments.

Complete home assessments, make recommendations and securely communicate and integrate results to customers and the office from one location.

Don’t spend hours on data entry. Proposals can be generated and emailed directly to the customer or transferred to the office for integration into the organizations workflow.

Designed for certified providers, contractors and experts in the home modification industry.

  • In home assessments
  • Take photos and insert recommendations
  • Type annotations on photos
  • Digital signatures for approval
  • Generate email proposals
  • Integrate with office workflow 

Do I need to complete all Basic Info to use the app?

No you do not, although it is always a good idea for future reference. A simple name, or identifying set of characters would suffice.  Remember, the information utilized within the app is also present through the website at your office.

Do order numbers need to be sequential and will the app assign them if I don’t?

Order numbers have no set sequencing within the system and can be applied by the user, unless auto-populated from the website from a previous intake procedure.

What are the differences in the Assessment section as it pertains to Balance, Fall Prevention and Home Safety?

Each section has been matched with questions pertaining to a specific concern. A full home assessment will include all questions from all concern categories.

In addition to scoring on a scale of 1 through 5, can I add specific comments?

Yes. Comments and suggestions are easily added by clicking the “+Add”  button under recommendations.

If I want to evaluate only one or two aspects/rooms, is there an easy way to eliminate all the other aspects/rooms or do I have to eliminate all the others by choosing “Mark Section” not applicable?

A complete section may be marked as not applicable. You also have the option to answer only the questions within a section that you feel are applicable.

How do I enter my own comments?

Comments may be added during the assessment as recommendations or under the proposal tab as well.

How do I take pictures when using the app?

Pictures are available to take with your specific iPad device during each question scoring process for each area of concern. Just click “Add Photo” button.

Can I mark or add notes on the pictures?

Yes, after taking the photo, the app will prompt for you to Add Marker.” Click the Add Marker + button and make your note(s).  When finished, click Done and the notes will appear with the photo in the Assessment.

How do I get the pictures to show up during the Assessment Phase of the app?

Once the photo is taken with your device, the program will prompt you to either “Use Photo” or “Retake Photo.” Pressing the “Use Photo” button will install that photo into your assessment.

How do I add customer concerns and comments?

Comments may be added during the assessment as recommendations or under the proposal tab as well.

How do I save the evaluation?

Saving the evaluation is done simply by hitting the “SEND” button. Your assessment will be sent to your office and saved on your iPad as well.

How do I modify the evaluation if needed?

Modification to a single assessment is simply made by re-entering the assessment, making any changes, and making a prompt for a new summary or proposal.

How do I add an additional room if there are more than one of the same type of room?

Sections for additional Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room and Entry/Exit are pre-programmed into the app. Simply click on the specific icon and proceed with the question/answer procedure.

Who do I call if my app fails and I need technical support?

AHIA operates a service line during normal business hours. Call 877-404-2442 for assistance.

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